What Is An EPDM Rubber Roofing?

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is an artificial rubber roof membrane that is well-known for being exceptionally long lasting. It includes 2 components: ethylene and propylene, which are created from oil and natural gas.

This artificial rubber is available in black and white and is generally offered in a wide variety of lengths and widths. EPDM rubber creates a pretty easy and reliable roofing option. We’re professional Dublin Roofing contractors, If you are searching for the ultimate in roofing system protection and resilience, keep reading to get more information about the installation techniques as well as the pros and cons of this roofing material.

How do You Install a Flat Rubber Roof?

The first step is to ensure that your roofing system surface is completely clean and free of dust, rust, oil, and debris.

The surface area ought to likewise be completely dry. Contaminants can inhibit the effectiveness of the glue that you use as an adhesive.

Start by installing the gutter trim plate to the fascia. Next, lay the membrane out to make sure that it overhangs from the edges of the building. Give the membrane thirty minutes to relax and lay flat against the surface area.

When all the fold and wrinkles are flat, roll the membrane to one side and use the water-based adhesive to the deck. If you are installing the roof on a non-timber surface area, utilize the bonding adhesive that is applied to both the deck and the downward-facing side of the membrane.

Spread out the membrane over the damp adhesive and use a broom to move out air and to flatten the membrane totally against the surface area and the adhesive. Attach the trims to the top of the building to keep the membrane in place and to direct the water flow away.

Next, cut off the excess membrane that is sticking out below the trimmings. We also offer asphalt roofing service in Dublin.

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